The list of posters is available here.



1. Authors must sign the IEEE copyright agreement for their paper following the steps sent in the mail through the EasyChair interface and upload a new version of their paper certified by IEEE PDF eXpress on EasyChair for inclusion in IEEE proceedings.

2. All the posters have to be presented ONLINE! Presenting authors have to prepare a 3-minute video and a pdf for their poster. Click here to upload the poster and video (deadline to upload: 28 February 2022).

3. There is no strict format for the poster. Authors are encouraged to make it attractive as per their creativity. The 3-minute video should give information on the gist of the work. Authors may choose to display the poster PDF or a few slides in the video. However, within 3-minutes, the essential result/s of the poster must be conveyed. If the participants find it interesting, they will come and visit that poster.

4. Instructions to upload the poster and video are given below.

  • The Poster title should be the same as the Paper title.

  • Please select the correct track (poster group) amongst the six options. (Please carefully see the selected poster list and use the correct Paper ID, the track may differ from the choice you may have made at the time of submission)

  • Please use the name of the registered author (put in bold in the list as per our records) for your paper and the correct email ID used in the new version uploaded on Easychair.

  • You may skip handout details, if you may like so.

  • Please upload the thumbnail, poster, and video one after another. Please go to the next article only when the previous one has been uploaded successfully.

  • Once all the details are done, click send.