Dr. Nimish Dixit


Biography: Nimish Dixit did his M. Sc. From Lucknow University in 1998 and Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Mumbai in 2004. After completing his Ph.D., he joined Instrument R & D Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun. Since joining IRDE Dehradun, has been engaged in the Development of nonlinear frequency conversion laser systems in which he developed mid-IR tunable optical parametric oscillator (OPO). Lately, has been responsible for initiating an activity on development of THz sources based on nonlinear optical methods. He was the project leader and Head of the nonlinear optics group. He was awarded laboratory scientist of the year award in 2012 for his outstanding contributions in the development of nonlinear frequency conversion sources. He is the fellow of Optical Society of India and life member of Indian Laser Association. He is also the Member of National Executive Council of Optical Society of India and Treasurer of OSI, Dehradun Local Chapter. He has more than 25 papers in refereed journals and various conferences. He is also co-author of three book chapters. He has co-edited Springer Proceedings in Physics as Processing of International Conference on Optics and Electro-optics. He is also a referee to a number of journals. His current research includes generation of THz using nonlinear frequency conversion and THz imaging for homeland security applications.